Strandout™ from the Crowd with Longer, Stronger & More Resilient Natural Hair

Hi!!! I am Dr. Zakiya, a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor and beauty brand CEO. Have you ever walked past a fellow natural sista and wondered how she got her hair “that way?”

If you asked her how she kept her coils poppin’, long and strong, she probably told you about all the products she uses. And you likely stocked up on those products, started using them religiously and waited for them to work their magic only to find out they didn’t transform your curls and they didn’t stop your hair from falling out.

And let me tell you why: Natural hair care is about more than the products you use. To properly care for your hair, you have to understand the inner workings of your hair, too.

That’s why the Strandout™ Experience combines both physician-formulated natural hair products AND hair education sessions. This 90-day consultation program gives you 3 face-to-face sessions with The Natural Hair Doctor® to get all your natural hair care and hair loss questions answered. Plus, we’ll fill you in on all the science behind your hair that you need to know to level up your hair care routine. 

And to make it easy for you to put everything you learned to work, we’re hooking you up with our full line of products, so you can moisturize, strengthen and lengthen your hair from the inside out. With your new hair care education and our science-based products, you’ll transform your scalp health, eliminate frizz, sculpt your curls and prime your hair for maximum growth and length retention. 

Longer & Stronger Hair One STRAND at a Time

The founder, Dr. Zakiya Antoine, used her background in chemistry, and her own experience as a board-certified family medicine physician and natural hair guru to create high quality products that support your overall health, aid in length & moisture retention, and add luster to your natural curls.
Your hair shouldn’t be a chore. Here at The Natural Hair Doctor®, we want you to feel the love in every wash, every condition, and every style. We use the best ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals to give you a healthy hair experience one strand at a time. No matter where you are on your hair care journey, we strive to be the reason you love your hair!

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