The Doctor will see you now...

They’ll ask you how you got your hair that way. You’ll tell them I had a customized virtual consultation with The Natural Hair Doctor®.

The Natural Hair Doctor® is a physician derived luxury brand that blends science and medicine with style and luxury. Birthed from a need for products that allowed for a luxurious hair experience without sacrificing quality and function, The Natural Hair Doctor® realized that the secret was actually in the science. That knowledge was used to create a custom formulated hair system that will make your hair flourish!

Longer & Stronger Hair One STRAND at a Time

The founder, Dr. Zakiya Antoine, used her background in chemistry, and her own experience as a board-certified family medicine physician and natural hair guru to create high quality products that support your overall health, aid in length & moisture retention, and add luster to your natural curls.
Your hair shouldn’t be a chore. Here at The Natural Hair Doctor®, we want you to feel the love in every wash, every condition, and every style. We use the best ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals to give you a healthy hair experience one strand at a time. No matter where you are on your hair care journey, we strive to be the reason you love your hair!

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